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Dr. Darlene has written 11 books. Published by Simon & Schuster, William Morrow, John Wiley
and self-published, her books focus primarily on building resiliency, parenting, family dynamics, multiculturalism, co-parenting, male-female relationships and diversity. Below, are Dr. Darlene's most

recent books. Each can be ordered on (Click on the image to go directly to Amazon)

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2015 - Written specifically for children. A guide to help children BLOOM (continue to grow) and BOUNCE (rebound from difficult times). Its content offers advice to help strengthen their bodies, expand their minds and maintain a loving spirit.

"Dr. Darlene's experience, sensitive nature and ability to understand and reflect are all key factors in her connection with this age group. This book speaks directly to the child, making its concepts easy to understand and learn."

~ Dr. Rich Harris, Jr., Educator

2011 - Explores the challenges everyone faces in life that lead to feelings of devastation and how to move beyond them. Using provocative self-inventories, her own personal trauma and her private practice experience, Dr. Darlene takes you through the process of building individual, family and community resiliency.

"Dr. Darlene presents realistic and practical solutions that you can use for coping with any crisis. Her advice comes not only from her professional training and knowledge, but most importantly, from overcoming her own personal crisis which has transformed her into a more powerful and compassionate clinician and human being with a genuine heart.
~ Dr. Jeffery Gardere, Psychologist and Talk Show Host

"Dr. Darlene re-defines resilience as renewal."

~ Kelly Marie McVearry, Ph.D.,

2014 - Offers informative discussions which describe ways of strengthening your body, empowering your mind and maintaining a loving spirit. Interspersed with humor, inspiring quotes, real client stories, as well as exercises to help reinforce what you've learned.

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